We are excited to announce USN as our 2016 nutrition partner. USN will be providing all the nutrition for the feed stations. They will also be at Expo and all of our other races throughout the sesason. USN are market leaders in sports nutrition, helping customers achieve goals from weight loss to muscle building, to increasing strength and improving endurance. 

Their endurance sports nutrition includes products for before, during and after training which can then be used during endurance events such as iron distance triathlons. Electrolyte drinks, Energy gels, Protein bars and Hydration tablets are just a small selection of products they offer for long distance athletes. Their products provide the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals that are lost during endurance sports events meaning you can perform to your best ability for longer!  

 Feed Stations had the following provisions:

Bike Course (at the approximate mileage points: 5, 23, 43, 58, 76 & 96)

Cytopower Caffeine and carb Drink (in Sports Bottle)

A selection of USN's Vooma decaffeinated Energy Gels

Protein Seed and Nut Bars

Run Course (at the approximate mileage points: 1, 2, 4 & 5)

Cytopower Caffeine and Carb Drink (in cups)

USN Ener-G Drink (in cups)

A selection of USN's Vooma decaffeinated Energy Gels

Finish Area:

Recovery Drink R3 Xcell

USN Protein Bars - Chocolate Icecream flavor and Vanilla Icecream flavor

In addition to the USN nutrition, there will be fruit and water on the bike course. The run course will have water, flat coke, fruit, sweet treats such as flapjack, brownies and savoury snacks including pretzels and crisps. At the finish, there will be a variety of hot and cold foods including pasta and sandwiches. Erdinger Alkoholfrei will also be on the finish line with their refreshing isotonic sports drink! 

Special Needs Feed Stations

A special needs feed station is an area where an athlete will be able to collect any nutrition that they might want to use that is either not going to be given out at the official feed stations and that they do not want to carry with them for the duration of the course.

How will they work?

1. Special Needs Bag hand in will be on Saturday when athletes are racking their bikes - There will be a box to put them in. Please make sure they are clearly marked.

2. The special needs zones are not controlled or manned by the Just Racing  team.

3.To receive special needs nutrition / equipment, the athlete must be given this by a member of his or her own support team within this zone.

4. The hand over must take place in this area which will be marked as special needs (see below for where they are).

5.Cyclists can either be handed nutrition on the move or they can stop to receive.

6.Any passing of nutrition or additional assistance outside this zone is not allowed.

Where are they?

Athletes will have access to the bike special needs zone twice; just after the first feed station on each lap.

Athletes will have access to the run special needs zone on each lap. This will be situated at the feed station on the Esplanade. This feed station is passed twice by athletes.

What if I have no support team? You have several options:

Option 1: Use the on course nutrition and carry any additional equipment needed in your pockets and on your bike. Remember, you can put extra nutrition in your bike and run bags.

Option 2: Try to get the assistance of someone else’s support team to hand out your special needs at an agreed time / lap.

Option 3: You may hand in any special needs equipment when racking your bike on Saturday 10th September.

Please note:

1. Bags will only be accepted if they are clearly labelled either bike or run.

2. The xxxxxx team will put the bag into the appropriate zone, but take no responsibility for it being there for the athletes when they get to it on race day.

3. The xxxxxxxx team will not be responsible for handing these bags out.

4. Athletes must stop to find their bags at the appropriate zones.

5. No bags in this area will be returned to the athletes, they will be discarded appropriately.

6.We recommend you use this option as a last resort.

Note: It is not compulsory to use the special needs feature. The majority of athletes will use our on course nutrition and / or carry other nutrition during the course.